Taylormade Golf Hybrids: Finding The Best Of Both Worlds

A golf club is an equipment used by golfers to hit the golf ball. It is basically made up of three parts: the head, the shaft and the grip. The golf clubs’ designs are constrained by the rules of the game so that manufacturers of the clubs work around these constraints to get the best results from the swing taking into consideration a small margin of error so that the golfer is able to make a long and accurate shot.

Golf clubs are designed differently to address the different needs of the golfer to bring the ball closer to the green and eventually to the hole. A wood is used for distances of more than 450 meters, an iron for distances of about 250 meters (although some experienced golfers use irons even for shorter distances. The wedges provide for better shot control especially if the ball is already on the green and the putter gets the ball into the hole.

A golfer is allowed to carry with him 14 clubs. And as they say, in golf, the competition goes tougher as you near each and every green. So often, the golfer would have 2 woods just to bring the ball within the green or closest to it, a full set of irons, and a couple of wedges and putters.

The Birth of Hybrid Clubs

Even if the excitement levels go up once the players meet each other again in the green, the first tee, which aim is to bring the ball within the green (or closest to it) is a great challenge as well.  Each and every golfer’s hope is to land the ball at least in the green (or at best get a hole-in-one). If this happens, experience will play a great part in traversing the green to finally put the golf in the hole.

Taylormade Golf

However, different factors come into play (like wind direction and strength, speed of the hit, wrong choice of club) and sometimes the first tee lands in the green, at other times fairway, sometimes in the bunker, and at worst, in the rough. This could be one of the reasons why some 10 years ago, a move to use hybrid clubs came into being.

TaylorMade Golf: Brand of Choice

For the past couple of years, TaylorMade Golf has been inching its way as the brand of choice when it comes to golf clubs. The ability of its clubs to provide more forgiveness and accuracy are factors that have enabled golfers from the most handicapped to the pros greater performance in the fairways. Also, the consistency with distance of its clubs gives the golfer an edge when planning which club to use where. It is tour inspired so that it provides easy play ability in different situations. Especially with one of its hybrid clubs, the R15’s shape is so striking at address that it will give the advantage to the better player while for the others who use it, it will be remembered most for its performance.

What Makes TaylorMade Golf Stand Out?

Standing out in golf is a matter of consequence for Taylormade Golf. Their mission is to create performance in golf. And performance it is they have in mind when they consciously came out with clubs and accessories not only for the pros but also to those aspiring to play the game, young and old, men and women, high handicapped or not.

Most especially for the hybrids which are replacing the irons in the greens, they never stopped re-engineering these clubs to exactly fit the players’ game. They will custom fit your rescues such that you either get an M1 (for personalized distance and control for the pros) or an M2 (for maximized distance and forgiveness for the more handicapped).

Taylormade Golf Bag

With the flexibility already given by the hybrids plus the personalized fit when you get your Taylormade Golf club, you surely can never go wrong. Imagine yourself walking in the green, armed with your precious clubs-not even the worst of weathers can dampen your spirits with the confidence that you have with you the best clubs ever made for golf.

We at Rockbottom Golf will be more than happy to help you pursue your golfing dream. Visit our stores and get the feel of our new hybrid clubs. Our managers would be more than glad to help you select your first set of clubs. We currently have a sale on hybrids and stocks are running fast. It’s time to stop watching the game: be there where the action is!


Taylormade Golf Hybrids: Finding The Best Of Both Worlds
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